Quarterly Summit Gatherings

A venue for executive-level women to build relevant and authentic relationships and to address business, social and philanthropic issues in their busy lives.   Upcoming Events:


February 6



May 8


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We are actively seeking referrals to qualified attendees, speakers and sponsors as we continue to grow and professionalize the organization in 2016.


The exclusive quarterly gatherings provide executives with the opportunity to broaden their business leadership expertise, create authentic, senior-level relationships with their peers and engage with the philanthropic community.  These events are by invitation-only and designed exclusively for executive women that impact and lead people and business strategies.  The annual co-ed event (scheduled for October 20th 2016) is designed for executive-level men and women, as well as their mentees and/or sons and daughters, to address the impacts of the multi-generational workforce on business and society as a whole. Unlike many networking events, the EWS gatherings encourage executives to discuss meaningful, and at times, controversial topics surrounding business, social, and philanthropic issues.


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