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The EWS University

EWSU content is exclusively designed for senior-level, cross-functional, professional women that want to “level up” as leaders and human beings. The experience is carefully constructed to balance both “head” and “heart” and includes the following, core components: 

One-on-one Mentoring

EWSU participants are carefully paired with a highly accomplished Mentor that complements their unique gifts, gaps, and development goals. The EWSU Mentor pool is comprised of CEO’s, executive-level business leaders, professional coaches, and other accomplished experts from diverse industries and functions. 

Keynote Speakers

Guest keynotes are invited to each of our six sessions to share their personal and professional learning lessons with the group. See the list of 2024 keynotes below. 

Assessments & reporting

The EWSU leverages the Trimetrix assessment, which combines the DISC and EQ-i (emotional intelligence) reports. Each participant will review their individual report with a certified assessment professional prior to the first session. Additional assessment resources and discounts are available to all EWSU participants. 


An extensive list of suggested reading is also provided, and covers diverse topics such as influence, negotiation, essential leadership techniques, emotional intelligence, trust, brand management, imposter syndrome, career management, happy high achievement, networking, etc. 


EWSU Participants are assigned brief homework assignments following each session. Assignments take less than one hour and include exercises such as the creation of a vision board, the development of a personal “elevator speech”, and other critical lessons that enable participants to stay engaged between sessions. 

Exercises, Learning & Content Library 

Exercises are completed during, and between each session. The password protected EWS website portal provides additional assignments, articles, various book synopses and self-guided exercises that align to and enhance classroom content. 

Classroom Sessions & Cross-Functional Peer Engagement 

Each EWSU cohort is comprised of 10-13, cross-functional female leaders from various industries. The peer group serves as a personal advisory board and trusted network to each EWSU participant. Cohorts will always include at least eight, and no more than thirteen participants. Each participant is carefully vetted to ensure adherence to minimum attendance requirements. 

Complimentary tickets to all 2024, quarterly EWS gatherings

EWS gatherings encourage cross-functional, senior-level leaders from diverse organizations and industries to discuss relevant (and at times, controversial) topics surrounding business, social, and philanthropic issues. EWSU participants are encouraged to join a large network of leaders and attend all 2024 quarterly gatherings at no cost. EWS Gatherings are hosted both in-person and via Zoom on the following Tuesdays in 2024.

“The EWSU leadership development program was a discovery journey which completely re-energized me. It came at a good time in my career and allowed me to think about where I am and what I really want in my personal and professional life. It gave me confidence and boldness that I have weaved into my personal and professional life, preparing me to take risks that paid off in a big way.”

VP, Global Procurement

EWSU participants are highly ambitious, senior-level women who want to make a bigger impact and create an authentic brand professionally, socially, and philanthropically. We adhere to strict participation guidelines in order to honor our attendees. Attendee requirements include:

EWSU leaders speak with each registered attendee prior to their first session in order to obtain critical information that will be used to customize each experience and select an executive mentor whom will work closely with them throughout the program. Established and well-regarded leaders will provide keynotes at each session, in order to share their story and highlight their expertise within various leadership-related topics. Participants will also take online assessments to deepen their self-knowledge and create clarity around their strengths, development opportunities, purpose and leadership vision.

2024 Session dates & times

The 2024 EWSU program is hosted virtually, but includes 2 optional in-person sessions. All times listed are MST.

friday, April 12, 2024

Kick-Off/Full Day


friday, may 24, 2024

Session 2/Half Day


Friday, june 21, 2024

Session 3/Half Day


Friday, July 19, 2024

Session 4/Half Day


Friday, August 23 2024

Session 5/Half Day


Friday, September 20, 2024

Session 6/Half Day


past Keynote Speakers (2024 speakers TBD) 

“The facilitators and keynotes at the EWSU sessions were very valuable. I’m not typically in a position to be around such accomplished and vulnerable female leaders and it was inspirational to hear their stories.”


EWSU Program Content

Session One: Vulnerability & Leadership Essentials 
Session Two: Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence 
Session Three: Influence, Branding, & Building a Sphere of Influence 
Session Four: Bankable Leadership & Building Leadership Vision 
Session Five: Happy High Achievement, Power, Fear & Motivation, Organizational Values & Norms 
Session Six: Courageous Leadership, Delegation & Bias, Conflict Management 

“The EWSU is a program that was developed by women for women. This made the class feel more like a group of friends versus strangers, which allowed for greater vulnerability. It was so valuable being around other female leaders that are facing similar personal and professional issues. It was refreshing to realize that I am not alone.”

Director/ Sr. Lead Scientist

2024 EWSU Pricing & Program Terms

The EWS is fiercely committed to elevating diversity and women in leadership. We are pleased to offer competitive pricing for the EWSU program as follows: 

The EWS permits organizations to send up to three (3), qualified attendees per cohort. Please note, the EWSU does not encourage supervisor-subordinate relationships from each organization to participate in the same cohort due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the content and classroom discussions. Prior to registering, all participants must be aware that the EWSU program covers sensitive and confidential subject matter. 

The EWS offers additional discounts to organizations that send multiple, qualified attendees as follows: 

Additional discounts are available to individuals planning to self-fund their EWSU program experience. Contact Kristen Kenton, EWS President & BOD Chair for more information. 

The EWS University changed my life and enabled me to take my business to the next level!

Mimi Nguyen

“It’s great to connect with like-minded professionals doing impactful things in our city and around the world!”

Kami Guildner

“I keep attending the Executive Women's Summit because of the honest, candid and genuine conversations that happen between women that attend these sessions.”

Michele (Mamet) Stowe

“What a dynamic, diverse, stimulating group of women. I met so many new people and learned from each one of them.”

Colleen Abdoulah

“We have sent several of our female leaders through the EWS University program over the last few years. It is a first class experience with impactful networking and relevent speakers.”

Lori Papierniak

“The atmosphere was comfortable making networking easy, even without knowing anyone on the first visit. EWS is definitely on my schedule each quarter.”

Sheryl Benjamin